Saturday, October 29, 2016

What can I do to keep bugs & pesky critters from coming through the tile joints on my screened in DekTek Tile porch?

The reason many homeowners build screened in decks or 3 season porches is so they can enjoy the outdoors without mother nature's little critters getting too close. When installing your DekTek Tile deck, you can easily prevent the pesky critters, insects, and bugs from invading your three-season porch or screened in deck if you install a screen underneath the deck at the bottom of the joists during the building process.

Another simple solution for keeping out those unwanted creatures would be to grout the tile. (This is only recommended on indoor or covered areas that do not get much water, or if your deck is pitched enough to drain.)  If your deck is exposed to the elements and water needs to drain through the tile, then you would not want to grout the tile.  If grouting the tile does work for your application, you need to use a flexible grout like silicone or acrylic.  DO NOT USE CEMENTITIOUS GROUT because the flexing of the wood deck will crack the grout. 

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