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DekTek Tile’s New Walk-Out Patio Application—Built By New Jersey Contractor & DekTek PRO Installer T-3 Construction LLC

the owner could not only use pavers because of flood risk

the lower level looks like a patio but is really DekTek tiles on a ground-level deck frame

The first time T-3 Construction LLC used DekTek Tile for a project, it turned out to be a perfect fit to solve a homeowner’s dilemma. The homeowner wanted a patio behind their home, but ground-laid pavers weren’t an option because of the home’s location in a flood zone. Jake Taylor, owner of T-3 Construction LLC in New Jersey, remembers the dilemma: “If the customer installed a regular patio, he would need to have a step down from his sliding doors, but he wanted to go right out with no step. This is how we got to use DekTek Tile—it was the perfect fit for the customer. We installed standard foundation posts and built the framing right on ground level, with all the proper drainage so the water clears out and doesn’t flood.”

“The concrete deck tiles worked perfect for this application.” Jake said. “My customer wanted the walk-out patio, but the township wouldn’t let him use pavers flush with the door. DekTek Tile is what we came up with.” It ended up being the best of both worlds.
Jake and his brother, Tim Taylor, are partners. When the brothers discovered DekTek Tile on Instagram, they kept their eyes open for the right project to try out the tiles on a T-3 Construction LLC project. When the New Jersey homeowner told T-3 about his flood zone dilemma—how he wanted a walk-out patio but needed something raised that drains water to prevent flooding—they told the homeowner about DekTek Tile, and he was excited to use the product. “He loved the fact that he was going to be the first DekTek Tile project in the state of New Jersey,” Jake said. “When the DekTek tiles were delivered, people saw the delivery pallets,” Jake said. “Neighbors were driving by asking if we install pavers and if they can get a quote. I explained that they’re not pavers—it’s a decking product. They’re actually a concrete tile that goes right on a typical deck frame. ‘Before you write off this concept,’ I told them, ‘come by when it’s all done.’”

the DekTek tiles turned some heads when they arrived
With all the interest in the new product, the homeowner was excited to get things rolling. T-3 Construction LLC got to work and used a slightly modified version of DekTek Tile’s sister joist method. Instead of using one large joist and one small sister joist (2x4 sister), as it’s normally installed on elevated decks, they sistered together two 2x6’s to keep it closer to the ground for the homeowner’s basement walkout patio.

deck framing consists of a sister joist method for the concrete tiles

“We put two boards (2x6) together with a ¾-inch spacer in between,” Jake said, “and you just have to lay them out 16”o.c., so that each side of the DekTek tile sits on one of the sister joists. With the spacer in the middle, it lets the water drain through.” “You’ve got the outside trim board that needs to be installed first. We used composite,” Jake said. “When you build your DekTek Tile deck, you need to carefully do your math and plan it out so the 16”o.c. joists and tile will match up with composite trim and fit properly. Once you’ve got the first couple of tiles done, it really flows.”

application of the concrete decking tiles
“The way we did it, we framed up most of the deck except the very last end part, and then we started setting tile,” Jake said. “We set the tile all the way across to the unfinished end. This way we were able to see exactly where to put the last sister joist in, so that way we didn’t have to cut any tile and could use a full piece at the end.”

almost done applying the DekTek concrete decking tiles
DekTek Tiles come unsealed. For sealing/finishing, T-3 Construction LLC used a solvent-based concrete sealer made by Alliance called Gator Seal. Sealer is a must for DekTek tiles because it protects the tiles year-round and also brings out their colors. When Jake and Tim first saw the tiles, they thought they looked a little dirty and dusty; but when they rolled on the sealer to the edges and top of the tiles, the colors really popped! “We also added a little sand grit to the sealer,” Jake said, “so that it made the tile non-skid. Down the road, approximately 3 years, you will apply another coat of sealer that’ll go on fast and easy. It just rolls on.”
easy application of concrete decking tile sealer

Once the DekTek concrete decking tiles have sealer, their colors really pop

With the sealed tiles applied on the sister joists, T-3 Construction LLC was ready to showcase the finished product. The homeowner loved it so much that he now allows those who are considering the product to come by and see the results for themselves. “He absolutely loves it,” Jake said, “and everybody that comes by thinks it’s a paver patio, until he explains the whole process and everything behind it. The homeowner is the easiest guy to work with.”

the results? a self-draining "patio"
T-3 Construction LLC has three more DekTek Tile projects lined up for this year, and Jake is looking forward to the simplicity of the installation process. “Once you’ve installed DekTek Tile for the first time, the installation part goes way faster than installing regular deck boards, composite boards, or wood decking. And the fact that the tiles are the exact 1” thickness as most composite board means you can use the tile as an accent; the fact that it can work with so many different products, has an awesome look, and just the ease of installation makes it a great product.”

with DekTek, you can have a patio in a flood zone
Congratulations T-3 Construction LLC on a successful project and a thrilled homeowner! T-3 Construction LLC, a DekTek PRO installer, works on a variety of projects, but specializes in decks and other exterior features. Have questions for T-3 Construction LLC about this project or others like it? Reach out to Jake and Tim at t3contructionllc@yahoo.com or follow T-3 Construction LLC on Instagram.

Have questions about DekTek tiles, or need a quote? We'd love to talk with you!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

DekTek Tile's Sleeper System Installation Method for Elevated Decks!

DekTek Tile's “Sleeper System Installation Method” for installing  concrete deck tiles.

DekTek Tile has two installation options when installing the concrete deck tiles on an elevated deck. In this video we demonstrate how to properly install DekTek’s concrete tile decks using the Sleeper System Installation Method.

DekTek’s Sleeper System install method works best on these applications:

ü When the joists are NOT 16"o.c.

ü New construction decks

ü Deck renovations where there are not height restrictions. (The Sleeper System requires an additional 1-1/2” in height from the existing deck joists.)

Step by step instructions on how to install The Sleeper Installation Method for DekTek Tile’s concrete tile decks.

1.    Lay 2x4s flat & install them perpendicular (the opposite way) across the joists. Set these 2x4 sleepers 16"o.c. for the tiles to be set on. Be sure to take time to lay out the tile pattern so that you can minimize narrow cut tiles, giving it a professional quality look. Once you decide on the tile pattern then you can install the sleepers to accommodate the desired tile pattern.

2.    We also recommend you drill 1 or 2 holes approximately ½” in size through the 2x4 sleepers between the tile joints so the water can drain better. (We recommend these holes can be drilled as you set the tiles, so it's more precise for water drainage.)

3.    Some additional blocking may be needed on the sleeper installs for the edge trims and deck railing.

4.    After sleepers are installed and any additional blocking for deck posts, edge trims is complete then you can install the edge trim (wood or composite) around the perimeter of the deck, (you don’t need to install edge trim along the house edge unless you want it for the look, or it allows you to not have to make a narrow-cut tile?

5.    Now you can lay the tile according to your tile layout plan, apply a 3/8” bead of adhesive in a straight line along each side of the sleeper where the tile is going to be set and then set tile in place, adjust position as necessary? Once you have a full line of tile set then use a long level or straightedge to check the straightness of the tile line. There may be a few tiles that are slightly larger or smaller than the others and will need to be centered between the two surrounding rows of tile. If you have a tile or part of a tile that sets lower than the rest, then you might need to lift it back up and shim the low spot and then add more adhesive and reset it.

Contractors if you’re interested in becoming a DekTek PRO visit dektektile.com/pro to sing up and learn about the benefits!

For questions about installing DekTek Tile’s gorgeous concrete tile decking using the Sleeper System Method call 218-380-9330 or email us at info@dektektile.com. You can also visit our website dektektile.com for more  information and pictures about the luxury tile decks. We look forward to transforming your decks and outdoor living spaces!
~The DekTek Tile Team

Saturday, October 29, 2016

What can I do to keep bugs & pesky critters from coming through the tile joints on my screened in DekTek Tile porch?

The reason many homeowners build screened in decks or 3 season porches is so they can enjoy the outdoors without mother nature's little critters getting too close. When installing your DekTek Tile deck, you can easily prevent the pesky critters, insects, and bugs from invading your three-season porch or screened in deck if you install a screen underneath the deck at the bottom of the joists during the building process.

Another simple solution for keeping out those unwanted creatures would be to grout the tile. (This is only recommended on indoor or covered areas that do not get much water, or if your deck is pitched enough to drain.)  If your deck is exposed to the elements and water needs to drain through the tile, then you would not want to grout the tile.  If grouting the tile does work for your application, you need to use a flexible grout like silicone or acrylic.  DO NOT USE CEMENTITIOUS GROUT because the flexing of the wood deck will crack the grout. 

For questions or information about DekTek Tile decks, please contact us:

Phone: 218-380-9330

Website: dektektile.com

Email: info@dektektile.com

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Can DekTek Tiles Be Installed Over Your Existing Deck?

We hear many customers ask, can DekTek Tiles go over my existing deck? So in today's post we would like to shed some light on this question.

Yes! DekTek Tiles can be installed over your existing deck but there are a few stipulations that your old deck must meet first.
  • Your existing deck must be in good enough shape to install DekTek Tiles over them. If you have a rotting old deck where the wood deck boards are about to give way, it would not work to lay DekTek Tile over your existing deck. DekTek Tiles weight 11 pounds per square foot so your existing deck needs to be in good enough shape to hold that and would also need to be framed for 11 pounds per square foot. As you see in the photo above. This North Oaks, Minnesota wood deck was an existing green treated 2” x 6” decking that was structurally sound, so in some situations like this one you can install DekTek Tiles right over your existing deck.
  • In order to be able to install DekTek Tiles right over your old decking material, height constraints must not be an issue. DekTek Tiles are 1" thick (same thickness as standard decking materials), but if you are wanting to set these concrete tiles over your existing deck, you will need 1-1/2" thick minimum which takes into account DekTek Tiles are slightly crowned in the center of the tiles so the water will drain properly, plus accounts for shimming the tiles up.
  • On this particular application above, they are in an enclosed three season porch that is screened in so very rarely will the water come in. This type of situation is best when installing DekTek's Tiles over your existing deck, as it ensures there will not be any water issues. Especially in states like Minnesota where they get the full range of weather conditions with rain and snow, it is important that the water be able to drain all the way through your deck. With this being said, we recommend the concrete deck tiles be shimmed up 1/16" to 1/4" to allow the water to drain through your existing deck better.
  • For decks that are not covered, we feel the best installation process is to remove the existing decking because water could get trapped between existing deck boards and the concrete tile. This being said, ultimately it is up to you and your contractor to make that final decision. If you do wish to proceed installing DekTek Tiles over your existing deck that is not covered and exposed to all of the elements, it may work better to remove a few of your deck boards to maximize the water drainage.  
  • On any installation of DekTek Tiles over existing decking, the edge of the tiles must be set directly over the existing joist. The only exception is if the existing decking is 2" thick, in which case they do not have to be set a specific way.
For further questions regarding DekTek Tiles being installed over your existing old deck, contact 218-380-9330 or email info@dektektile.com. Visit the DekTek Tile website for pictures and more information about the different applications DekTek Tiles can create outdoor elegance on.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Welcome to the DekTek Tile Blog! 

DekTek Tile is the new, elegant, and innovative precast concrete decking material that is transforming the decking industry. DekTek Tiles are a beautiful alternative decking product especially designed for elevated decks and roof decks, but will also add class and elegance to all of your outdoor living areas.

DekTek Tile's high strength concrete pavers are engineered to span across 16" o.c. wood joists and can be used on most standard wood-framed raised decks, with only minor modifications. Unlike any other deck paver on the market, DekTek concrete tiles do not need any substrates or substantial reinforcement when building your deck.

DekTek’s custom poured 1” thick concrete deck tiles are designed to be the same thickness as standard decking products so they can be used in conjunction with wood or composite decking materials for accents, borders, or edge trims.

Here are more of the benefits DekTek Tile offers:
  • No worries about fading.  Unlike wood & composite decking, your tiles will keep their beautiful look. 
  • Designed to be more durable & weather resistant than standard decking materials.
  • Low maintenance, spend your time enjoying your deck without the hassles of mold, rotting wood, chipping & peeling and that constant upkeep of cleaning, scrubbing, staining, and sealing your deck.
  • Heavy duty framing is not necessary.  Most standard framing is sufficient with only minor modifications. 
  • Non-combustible decking material.
  • A vibrant, upscale alternative to standard decking materials.
  • Easy to install when building or remodeling your beautiful outdoor living space.
  • Makes beautiful accent decks.  With DekTek tiles the same thickness as standard wood & composite decking, new additions are simple.
  • Adds a classy upscale feel, bringing a warm indoor elegance to your outdoor living spaces:  decks, balconies, roof-decks, patios, kitchens, concrete slabs, three season porches, fire-pits, and ground pavers.
Call 218-380-9330 or visit http://dektektile.com for more information or to learn how to create your own outdoor elegance!